Hola, Prevyet, Hallo!

An introduction to my lovely Online Zine With an Offline “Copy”:

There are few things you can expect from this Zine:

  1. Many personal remedies, in hopes you will find something right for you
  2. Weekly reminders that your language affects your mind, 
  3. Journey through Minimalism as a YA,
  4. Exceedingly awful “Paint” depictions that will remind you why you are thankful for Photoshop.

What I hope you never see:

  1. “I cannot”
  2. Misspellings, and the lack of grammar.
  3. A reason to make you incredibly sad and feel like there is no hope.

APPLICABLE- IF YOU DON’T WANT ACCIDENTS: I do not have a medical license, and will have citations for all medical info I cross. Mark it with a ~


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