(With Substitutes!) Oat Bowl Berry Tarts

Oat-Bowl Berry Tart


Serves 1 (makes 2-3 oat cups)
Ingredients- Cookies:
1/3 cup oats
3 tbs flour (other flours would probably be fine too)
1 tbs ground flax/egg (optional)
Ground cinnamon, pumpkin spice and vanilla extract to taste (approx.1 tsp each)
1 tbs agave/or honey
3-4 tbs vegan yoghurt/greek yogurt
Brush after baking with honey to make it slightly sweeter.
Ingredients – Filling:
Greek Yogurt/Soy Yogurt
Jam, or Preserves
OR! A mashed banana and soy milk
Handful fresh fruit
Blueberries, and oat bowl at school

Blueberries, and oat bowl at school

Mix  cookie ingredients together to form a thick sticky ball of dough. Divide into two or three equal pieces (depending on size of muffin tin) and press into the tin to fully line each pan.
Cook on full power in the microwave for 1 min or bake at 350 f or 180 C.   the oven for approx. 10 minutes until just cooked. Brush with cinnamon if you like, and honey. Allow to cool slightly before adding a dollop of sugar free jam,  topped with a dollop of yoghurt/substitutes. Add fresh berries or seasonal fruit to serve.
Whilst the cookies are cooking, chop the fruit into 1-2 cm sized chunks.  Add to. The bowls a slightly squishy, but delicious.

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