3 Things to Do With Dandelions: Delicious and Fun

Pesky dandelion weeds, showing up all over near MY house. Now you can send the kids out and make delicious things with them.

It is advised to ask your local herbalist, or doctor if this practice can be continued over a long period of time.

But the Dandelion is high in vitamin A & B as well as C & D, with lots of iron and great source for vitamin K, and is known to help remove bile, and aid with detoxification.


  • Only pick from unsprayed lawns and areas away from traffic.
  • Avoid stems, they are bitter.
  • Steam only enough to wilt the greens.
  • Try for early fall or early spring with fresh, small buds.
  • Talk to a herbalist and doctor because there is always a risk of increasing adverse side-effects of any medication.


Make Coffee:

Dandelion Coffee


Roots should be well scrubbed before cutting.  Thick roots should be sliced lengthwise into strips of uniform thickness to decrease drying time and encourage uniform drying. To quickly dry: place near a sunny window, or in the oven around 350 degrees F, for about 7-15 min..


  • Chop dried root
  • Roast in a pan until it is fragrant and has changed color from being off-white to light and dark brown.
  • For each 8 oz of water you are making, use 1-2 teaspoons of the roasted root.
  • Add the root to boiling water and continue to simmer while covered for 7–15 minutes.

To make tea, allow to boil, and then let cool down.

I enjoyed mine with added honey and bit of a cinnamon stick.

Honey and cream are delicious additions!


Dandelion Wine is another drink to try!

IDEAR TWO: Saute & Salad:

  • Pick dandelion greens that have just emerged from the ground. You will need about one cup per person.
  • Fry bacon or salt pork, or butter to release the fat. For a slightly healthier substitutions, or try olive oil.
  • Add dandelion greens to fat or oil, remove from heat and cover tightly.
  • Let greens sit for 3 minutes to steam.
  • Serve with Balsamic vinegar
  • Add to a fajita, or tortilla wrap. Put in rice.

Use the flowers to help add color to other dishes.


The oil is known to help relieve joint aches by applying externally, and with acne once diluted, and applied.


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