Journey into Minimalism: Starting out

Minimalism is about the stripping away of the excess, the act of getting rid of stuff isn’t the end-all be-all point; it’s a transition. We are not merely speaking stuff, here. It is a straight-forward approach toward your love’s. Take the relationships that make you happy, and enjoy them. The collection of weird eyed baby dolls and investing your time into them.

Minimalism should be a conscious understanding of what you can, and cannot live without. Don’t willy-nilly give things away because there are some physical objects that we want around. Scarf Aunt Dan gave you. Your books (oh my god, so many books). This comes with a price. You have to explore the essentials of your life, turn the flip-floppity goals into bold, sweaty Adonis’s. Make them ripped, and sexy. Make them real.

This is where we get into



Your list should be broad, and contain all the things you want: Do not make a measly wimpy one, but make sure everything on the list rings true for you. Do you really want to go to the gym five times a week? Is it important that you are extremely healthy?

Make a visual list. Write it and put it somewhere you can see it.

It can be minimalism in the sorts of things you buy, in the food you eat, in the way you approach people.

This is the hard part of minimalism, the changing of habits, and mindsets. Persevere.

There are no determined rules on how to be a minimalist. This isn’t a challenge, it isn’t a game. You do not have to count your stuff to be a minimalist. Hell, you don’t even have to call yourself a minimalist. One doesn’t have to always go in black and white, monk-like and holy nor hobo hippie that drinks herbal tea. It is about shuffling through all the noise, and making the stepping stones your own. This is your journey, do what you will with it.


Here are a few helpful essays:

FAQ’s About Minimalism

The Minimalists

Down-sides and Up-sides to Minimalism


2 thoughts on “Journey into Minimalism: Starting out

  1. I agree with you. My choice to become became a minimalist are in parts. The minimalist parent—> The minimalist with no kids—> to the retired minimalist. Each one of these have a different function. The older I get the less stuff I will need. Right now I have a 3 bedroom house. Soon I will not need it. Living by myself, Living in a 750 square foot apartment is something I can do.

    I do not like list, BUT Your ideas and process has given me reason to rethink it.

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