A Pre-pre-prologue to Minimalism

I went over to my Aunt’s the other day. She is the perpetually confused woman who dreams big, but with no real goals. She aimlessly shifts through her mind-stuffs, and runs her fingers along strings of thoughts. None sound right to her. As an indecisive person myself, I utterly understand this. We collect ideas, and things, and we just end up being driven out of our rooms filled with our abandoned thoughts. They talk big, and they have those fevered moments with bright eyes, and wide smiles. They spin their tops, and then end up falling off a cliff. There isn’t a natural fizzling out. They go from wanting to wrestle bulls, to not, or something utterly different, and they just never get anythings done.

After being in school for twelve years, and working on a project that I feel really matters, I have discovered that it is best to find something and stick with it. Beyond perseverance, it is about your ability to keep it unpretentious in appearance. There is a flow, and an understanding that there is an organized, deliberate operation. Take Google for example: the interface is a box, and sometimes with the cute interactive logos. No one would suspect that this seemingly basic setting is a very powerful having the combined efforts of engineers, designers, and bucket loads of people who work so hard to collect data.  It can be ambitious, or small, but the driving factor of success  is to make is to make it transparent that no one never notices it;  hide it out in the open by sticking signs all over it. This increases your observation skills, and fools the rest.

It is about making something appear effortless, and organized. It is a conscious decision that forces you to explore your needs, and turn your woulda-shoulda-coulda’s into get-it, got-it’s, and dayums.


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