Minimalizing: My List- Planning

I believe that a list of some sorts is in order this evening. I spent quite a bit of time away from my room, and came back to it in a mess.

It made me feel claustrophobic, and useless. I felt overwhelmed. It’s not just a matter of the stuff; the air had a residue of all the negativity that has been built up in that room. It had bad vibes, bro.

I know  I am moving off to college. I just cannot operate the entire summer like that, or living that way. It’s about time I start developing habits of living by myself, instead of minding two other people. I want to begin my new habits now. To form habits, one must continue the action for 3 weeks, everyday.  To encourage myself, I made a strong list of what I want to happen EVERY DAY. The point of making any sort of successful change is to have no excuse for today NOT to be the day. Want to try being more positive? Do it today. Procrastination begins with the putting off method, even if it is just once, it makes the challenge that much less special, and the change situational instead of the palpable desire to do better.

I have always found that my lists cannot be merely a conglomeration of what I want to happen, but I must be specific. Do-able. 

One issue with the lists is being too ambitious. There are some people who operate better by leaping. Other’s through keen observation, and repetition.

So I have made a list of my must’s, so far:

I must organise myself.

I must make conscious decisions about my interests.

I must exercise three days out of the week.

I must concentrate on eating healthily.

I must read a book every day.

must learn something new every day.

must find something beautiful about the world every day.

must focus on being more considerate to my family, and those around me.

must be positive.

I must find a kind thing to do for myself, and someone else. Every Day.

must  be up earlier than 10:30 every day.

must find some enjoyable, creative activity to do every day.

This list should be hung up, or should be written on a calender with a clear idea of how each day shall go. Spend time with it. I will be getting up in the morning, and while I enjoy a pleasantly healthy breakfast, I shall plan my minimalist day with 30 minutes of my time.

Once I get more organized, and have my Must’s lined, dotted, wine’d and dine’d, all that “lost” planning time should quickly be given back ten-fold by the direct bounce in my step. Straightforward, with a conscious idea of what I want will give me less time to stress over the work, and to just do. The whole point of my minimalist goal is to just do. Understand, organize, and do it.

The End.

It’s always just a matter of doing it.


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