A Summary


About the Author:


Welcome to Honey &A Rag, by Mere(&Interwebs)!

Here are some quick picks:

  • I love buttered toast.
  • I wear big shirts.
  • I dance even though I can’t.
  • Dali
  • and never ever mention Achilles tendons around me.
  • 1980’s horror films are soooo00 the way into my heart.
  • I only ever attend for food.
  • I know some Russian, American Sign Language, and Spanish.
  • Lemons are my favorite fruit.
  • All fruits are ovaries.
  • (Mushrooms are really weird to talk about, they are kinda ovaries, but more like…not)
  • My favorite subject is also the subject I have slept through twice. Biology. (Once in HS, and summer college class).
  • God, I really love food.

Here you will find simple health recipes, and the-like that come from the research, and stumbling of a ~YOUNG ADULT~.

Such things will include (but are never limited to):


Vegan desserts

Lacto-ovo-pesco-veg-fruit-atarian desserts

Main courses

This is a go-to place for all of those simple little things that can make a day better.

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim any ownership of pictures/recipes unless otherwise stated.



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